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The Alaska Air Group was organized as a Delaware Company in 1985. The group named Alaska Air is the parent company of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, Seattle-based flying carriers serving 92 destinations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Also, the Airlines are well-known for their impeccable client service.

If we focus on the fleet size, the strength of passengers and destinations number it flies to, it stands at the 5th position. Also, the airlines got a broad range of domestic routes connecting with more than hundred countries, such as United States, Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii. The primary hub at the international airport in Seattle, functions from five different airports.


  • The airlines offer custom-made Recaro leather seats equipped with power sockets and complimentary Wi-Fi in most planes and carrier offering first grade client service.
  • The airline’s AVOD system is accessible to every class traveling for international flights. Besides, the entertainment source may differ from cabin to cabin, class type, and AVOD screens allows you to choose from a pool of content such as Movies, TV Shows, music playlist, and even more.
  • Travelers can buy cocktails, beer, wines, and other beverages offered onboard.
  • Flyers can order meals 24 hours before the flight departure.


First Class: The cabin is present on all significant aircrafts. Also, it has excellent features such as power socket, offering private space, recliner seats, so on. Passengers can expect quality meals, light snacks, and everything on-priority boarding.

Premium Class: The cabin is accessible on every mainline and regional jet aircraft. Also, the cabin offers 35-inch seating space, and travelers get instant check-in benefit, delectable snacks, and beverages. When booking via Alaska’s Mileage Loyalty Program you can expect luxury experience.

Main Cabin: This cabin offers commercial advantages of Alaska Airlines. Passengers are liable to get free food and non-alcoholic beverage. Also, you can purchase free food, drinks, and snacks. The seats have USB ports and power charging points.


The frequent flyer programs of Alaska Airlines and associated Horizon Air refers to Mileage Package. Passengers of reputed airline partnerships such as Oneworld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam are enrolled in the flyer programs. In addition, the program does not charge anything, can be claimed in one way, and expires after two years of no-action.


Travelers can download the airline app and follow the check-in process to collect boarding pass. However, it begins 24 hours and ends 60 minutes before departure. You must enter the confirmation and e-ticket codes to see the flight booking details.

You can request a self-service kiosk at the airport check-in 40 minutes to 4 hours before the flight takeoff. You can get the boarding pass for the flight booking within the duration.

  • Alaska
  • Oregon
  • Burbank
  • San Jose
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • Anchorage
  • California
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Orange County

There won’t be any charge for carrying personal commodity. Also, the maximum dimensions allowed are 22 x 14 x 9 or 115 cm. The baggage should match the measurement and fit beneath the seat.

If the journey course includes more than one flight on Alaska Airlines and airline partner then your baggage will go through the checking process on reaching the final destination. Also, if the traveler reaches the connecting city for 18 hours or beyond, you must claim and check the baggage. There might be additional fees that passenger has to pay.

How can I book Alaska Airlines Flight Tickets?
  • Navigate to the official website of Alaska Airlines and tap on find flight.
  • Choose the class, destination, and date when you want to fly with Alaska Airlines.
  • You need to select the cabin class hit on flight section.
  • You can choose your desired flight on the next page and then click continue.
  • Passengers have to input the details such as journey date, and destination.
  • Try making the payment through the payment mode. Once you finish providing details, you must choose the payment payments with cards or any other medium.
  • At last, you must make the payment with the offered payment gateway. Upon completing the process, you will get a notification on your booking status.
Frequent Asked Questions

How can I utilize my miles for air flying?

The mileage plan miles also known as award travel, or award tickets when redeemed for travel. The award tickets are available to book online on Alaska Airlines and associated partners. Presently, the award travel on Cathay Pacific and LATAM can be booked via the phone. Make sure to reach our airline partners section and learn about the preferred airline for air booking

What are the fees associated with Award Ticket?

The award travel is associated with taxes and fees. You may be subject to pay the service fee of $15 non-refundable booking fee and a $12.50 non-refundable award fee, eligible to all awards utilizing one of the airline partners per individual. To travel within the United States, a security fee of $5.60 gets charged.

Will I get my miles back on cancelling the award ticket?

The answer is yes. The call center booking fee are non-refundable. Also, money and miles awards work differently. If you cancel the ticket, the miles will return to your account and taxes paid will be refunded. The terms of the purchased fare will follow.

Can I redeem miles for upgrade?

Miles is applicable for upgrading to first class. The fare class limitations apply. Travelers cannot redeem miles on premium class. In addition, the major cabin awards are active for complimentary upgrades on the elite status level and booking class.

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