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Southwest Airlines taken the first flight in 1971 to offer low cost and budget friendly air travel to the passengers within the United States. The airlines formulated in the United States and world's biggest low-cost carrier. They have headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and have scheduled services to over 121 destinations in the United States and 10 additional countries. Since 2018, the airlines have completed many operations compared to any other airline.

The reputed Airline has 66,100 employees and manages 4,000 departures daily during the hectic traveling duration. The airlines ensure lower tolls and no additional fees for baggage. They believe in offering reliable, cost-friendly, and best air travel.


  • Travelers can fly in the first class and appealing aircraft in the aviation industry. You can select the preferred movies, TV shows, and music channels.
  • Passengers can rely on the Airline's free Wi-Fi to stay in touch with friends, and family they are flying with. Besides, you can choose different meals, beverages, and treats.
  • The tremendous and delicate seats in the business class having the convertible feature into a completely flat bed.


First Class: The first-class passengers can choose from a pool of nourishment and select their preferred dish before flying. Moreover, the ample legroom with comfier seats having 40 inches pitch and pre-installed power sockets. The benefits of two sacks for enrolment. The quick access to the exclusive premium lounge where one can unwind and chill. Passengers have to complete the registration and boarding process.

Business Class: The cabin has seats with additional legroom of 4 inches. Passengers get instant Wi-Fi accessibility to watch movies, latest TV Shows, and customized music playlist. The cabin crew works closely towards the client's needs for offering them the best flying time.

Economy Class: This affordable cabin makes your traveling time stress-free and do not charge a higher price. Numerous features make the cabin one of a kind for the ones running limited on budget. Every seat comes with power sockets, tempting beverages, and decent legroom.


This frequent loyalty program makes it fast to fly to any place. Travelers can use the points to upgrade tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodation, even more.

Priority boarding:: Every passenger can choose instant boarding saving time and efforts.

25% earning bonus: Getting the reward flight quickly when earning bonus points on every eligible flight.

Priority Lane and Express Lane: The dedicated lane at the Southwest check-in counter and instant airport check-in.

The A-List Member phone line: The exceptional A-List phone line provides assistance to connect quickly with client care executives.

Same-Day Standby: Stop stressing if no seats are available for the exact day change. You can talk with the Southwest Gate Agent at the airport for adding to the standby list for a quick flight.


Web Check-in: Travelers can complete the check-in process by visiting the official website with the booking ID and reference number. The online check-in process is accessible 24 hours before the flight departure.

Mobile Check-in: Anyone can finish the check-in process by using the official Airline application with the confirmation ID on the device.

Airport Kiosk: Passengers can complete the check-in process without assisting the airport staff. You won't have to stand in the long queues.

Airport Counter Check-in: This is the fast and traditional way to check-in with the airline cabin crew.


  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Harry Reid International Airport
  • San Diego International Airport


Check-in Baggage: The primary baggage size should be at most 62 inches. Economy travelers can check in with bags of 23 kgs and 32 kgs for business class passengers.

Carry-on Baggage: The carry-on baggage must fit the offered space and not exceed 9x22x22 inches including handles and wheels.

Bicycles and Tandems: The manageable bicycle should weigh at most 23 kg alongside the box. Also, the bike box should be at most 176.5 x 23.0 x 101.5 cm.


  • You must visit the Southwest Airlines to book the flight via PC or Smartphone.
  • Input the details of the Journey's starting and destination with the trip's dates. Also, you must provide details of travelers and the class chosen.
  • You will redirect to the next page, mention the details, and click on Discover Flights. Once you reach the next page, you will get complete trip information.
  • You must provide all the travelers' details if you choose the flights.
  • You will reach the payment page to complete the booking procedure.
  • Once you finish the payment process, you will get the booking confirmation on the contact details offered.
Frequent Asked Questions

What is the flying process of Southwest Airlines?

The boarding procedure of the airlines is easy, fast, and secure. Travelers will allot the boarding group like A, B, or C and placement 1-60+ when you check in. The group and position details will be there on the boarding pass and show the reserved place in the boarding group at the gate.

Are Southwest Airlines Good?

Southwest Airlines consider the most secure Airline across the globe. However, the airlines ranked behind Hawaiian and Alaska better than Delta and American. Also, the airlines follow security standards, ensuring secure traveling time.

Is Southwest a large airline?

The Airline, known as Southwest an airline formulated in the United States and the biggest low-cost carrier globally. They have the headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and provides the service to more than 121 destinations in the United States.

How can I ask for the refund for unused airfare?

You can apply for the refund by choosing the Email Us tab on the official website or mobile app. Also, you must submit the asked details.

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